About us

In this page details information about the organisation is uploaded. You can know more about us by reading this page.

Dharmanagar Langkei Baptist Association is one of the Associations under Tripura Baptist Christian Union. It was established in 1978. The Gospel was brought to our tribe and the tribes who are living around us by the Mizo missionary. We were under Jampui Shakhan Baptist Association for many years. As we were growing in maturity the mother Association letting us stand by ourselve in 1978. Presently there are 30 churches and fellowship under DLBA. There are 7 tribes under DLBA. The head office is located at Zoitang, Dharmanagar, North Tripura, 799253. By the grace of God we are growing. Praise the Lord.


Short Title

The name shall be “Dharmanagar Langkei Baptist Association”. The abbreviation of which shall be “DLBA”.


Location of the Administrative Office

The registered office, which is also the headquarter of the Association is located at Zoitang, Dharmanagar, North Tripura, 799253.


Aims and Objectives of DLBA

  1. Proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to the World.
  2. Plant churches and help the community to help themselves.
  3. Encourage, and engage Christian community in charitable and public services.
  4. Promote rural development, medical, educational institution, and relief programmes etc.

Statement of Faith

We believe in-

  1. The Holy Bible (66 books) which is the only inspired Word of God, the supreme authority in all matter of faith and practices.
  2. On God eternally existent in Three Person-Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
  3. The true Humanity and Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. The atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross for the sin of the world, His bodily resurrection, His ascension and His personal return in power and glory.
  5. Salvation by faith in Christ alone through regeneration by the Holy Spirit.
  6. The indwelling of the believer by the Holy Spirit enabling the Christian to live a godly life.
  7. Baptized membership in the local church is obligatory to all believers, signifying the spitutual unity of all Christians who comprise the Church.
  8. Immersion of believers as the only scriptural form of Christian baptism.
  9. Only baptize member of a church and in good standing can partake the Lord’s Supper.
  10. The priesthood of all believers in Christ.
  11. The greatest commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ: go and preach the Gospel to every nations and make disciples.